November 2014 Resident Newsletter

The Wescott Hills Building Owners Association is an association consisting of all the building owners. We provide common area services to the Owners such as trash removal, snow plowing, lawn care and street maintenance. We meet on a regular basis in an effort to improve your quality of life at Eagan Hills.  Eagan Hills is one of the safest multifamily communities in Eagan; our number one goal is to keep it that way.

Parking Policy:  If you have a vehicle that is inoperable, please remove it from the property.  If your car cannot be started, run and drive on its own, or has expired plates, it must be put inside the garage, or removed from the property.

Snow Plowing: Our plows come at an approximate 2” trigger.  All streets and parking lot areas will be plowed first.  If any cars are on the street, or parking lots, they will be towed.  Once the areas are plowed, it is safe to park there.

If you live on Wescott Square, please park inside, or as close to the garage as possible until after the plows come.  Once the plows return for the second pass, you can move your vehicle so the plows can get the remaining snow.

Please make sure your vehicle always has valid license tabs, and are cleared of snow after every snowstorm, no matter where they are parked.  Failure to remove snow from a vehicle will indicate it is inoperable and will be towed.

Vehicles that are not cleared of snow within 24 hours will be considered disabled or abandoned, and will be towed at the owners expense.

If you vehicle is towed, it will at Mark’s Towing 651-454-1533.  It will cost ~$175 to get it back.  It is far cheaper to get out of bed, clear the car, and move it to a spot that has been plowed.

If you are on vacation, or sick, or physically cannot move your car, have a neighbor do it for you.  Or hire someone.  Or remove it from the property BEFORE the snow comes.  It makes no difference; we will tow it if it interferes with snow removal or appears to be an inoperable vehicle.

Wescott Rules.  Wescott has a set of rules available on our website.  Please see and review our rules that help make Wescott an enjoyable place to live. => Resident Information => Wescott Rules and Regulations.  These rules apply to all residents and guests.

Trash Containers: The trash company will not pick items outside the container.  Your trash cart needs to be put out no earlier than Thursday night, after 6 PM for the Friday pickup.  You must store your garbage container inside your garage by 6 AM the next morning.  Hazardous waste such as electronics, oil, chemicals, florescent light bulbs, etc. can be disposed of for free at The Recycling Zone, 3365 Dodd Road, Eagan. Telephone 651-905-4520.  Recycling is every other week.  A recycle Calendar is available at => Resident Information => 2014 Recycle Calendar

Suspicious Activity.  Please call 911 whenever you see activity that is a problem or a potential problem.  The emergency and non-emergency phone number in Dakota County is 911.  Any fighting, loitering, vandalism or the acts leading up to these types of activities should be met with a 911 call.  Even if you are in doubt about calling, please call.

See the posted document here.