Wescott Snow Emergency

Snow Plowing Reminder

Our snow plows come at an approximate 2” trigger.  All streets and parking lot areas will be plowed first.  If any cars are on the street, or one of the four parking lots, they will be towed.

Once the areas are 100% plowed, it is safe to park there.

If you are parking on Wescott Trail, or in one of the four parking areas, and the area you are parked in has not been cleared of snow, you will be towed.


  • Get rid of any inoperable cars.
  • Make every effort to park inside your garage prior to the snowfall. (It’s Minnesota in the winter, why wouldn’t you?)
  • Park immediately outside your garage
  • Move your car as soon as you can when it snows, hopefully before the tow trucks come
  • If you are on vacation or out of town, do not leave your cars in the lots or street.
  • If you get towed, find your car(s) at Marks Towing, 651-454-1533

Questions, call 651-283-7651 or see our website, http://www.WescottHills.com/

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