Plant Your Own Flowers a Great Success!

2014-PlantYourOwnFlowers3Plant your own Flowers day was held today, May 24, 2014.

It was a great day to come to the park and get flowers today.  There were many households that came, and there was a lot of conversation between neighbors.  Many people brought their own pots from last year, and some new people came out.


The complex should be bright and flowery in a few weeks when all of the flowers start to bloom.

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New Parking Signs are Up!

CAM00275Please be sure to look and pay attention to the signs that were just put up at Wescott.  Parking on the street and overflow lots is limited to 24 hours.  Generally, most people that park on the street use their cars every day, so that is not a problem.

If you have a car that does not run, please remove it from the property.

Do not park in front of the mailboxes, or anywhere close to them.  If a car is blocking the mailbox, the post office will not deliver mail.  Your bad parking job could cost 16 people the ability to get their mail.

Car in Violation
Car in Violation

Also, when it snows, in order to plow more effectively, we need to be able to get the streets and lots cleared.  Please move your car to your driveway or garage if it is going to snow 2” or more.


The speed limit is 10 MPH on Wescott Trail.