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Garage Sale May 2014

May 2014 – Plant Your Own Flowers Day

July 2014 – Hot Dogs in the Park

August 2014 – National Night Out

September 2014 – Eagan Hills Garage Sale

December 2014 – Holiday Lighting Contest




Wescott Hills Garage Sale Days 2013

Plant Your Own Flowers Day 2013

PlantYourOwnFlowersDay-2013-3  PlantYourOwnFlowersDay-2013-1  PlantYourOwnFlowersDay-2013-2

May 2013 Tenant News Letter

June 2013 – Hot Dogs in the Park

HotDogs-20130618_181915  HotDogs-20130618_181925  HotDogs-20130618_181930

HotDogs-20130618_181959  HotDogs-20130618_182013  HotDogs-20130618_181950

August 2013 – National Night Out

NNO-20130806_183014  NNO-20130806_185633  NNO-20130806_185622

NNO-20130806_185553  NNO-20130806_185618  NNO-20130806_185613   

NNO-20130806_185600  NNO-20130806_183035  NNO-20130806_183027



April 2012 Tenant News Letter

May 2012 – Plant Your Own Flowers Day

PlantYourOwnFlowersDay-2012b  PlantYourOwnFlowers-2012a


July 2012 – Hot Dogs in the Park 

HotDogsInThePark-001  HotDogsInThePark-002

July 2012 Tenant News Letter

National Night Out 2012

WescottNationalNightOut-2012-08-07-005  WescottNationalNightOut-2012-08-07-001  WescottNationalNightOut-2012-08-07-003


October 2012 Tenant News Letter

Holiday Light Contest Winners-2012

Holiday Light Contest-2012



October 2011 Tenant News Letter

August 2011 Tenant News Letter

October 2011 Tenant News Letter

Holiday Light Contest-2011